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Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Oil "Lemongrass" (0.5 fl oz)


100% Pure Essential Oil - Inspiring

This tropical grass has been traditionally used in India. Lemongrass is an effective cleansing and astringent ingredient in skin care preparations.


Product Notes:

Color: Pale yellow to brown-yellowish
Viscosity: Mobile
Top Note: Fresh, grassy, lemon-like aroma
Middle Note: Consistant with top note
Dry Note: Consistant with top note
Aromatherapy Actions: Cleansing, vitalizing, stimulating 
Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-sensitizing. Mild skin irritant. 
Regulatory Status: GRAS 182.20.
Origin: India

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 0
Servings per Container: 0
Other Ingredients: Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass) oil

If pregnant, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a health care practitioner before use. Dilute properly - May irritate skin. Not for internal use.


Refreshing Diffusion - 4 drops lemongrass, 6 drops cardamom in a lamp ring diffuser.

Brighten You Mood
Wave open bottle under nose.

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