"Complexion Pills" for Acne (150 tabs) by Dr. Shen $26.99

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Dr. Shen's "Complexion Pills" for Acne (150 tabs) $26.99

Chinese Herbal Remedy for Acne.

Made with the highest quality whole herbs.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, many inflammatory skin problems are actually internal conditions that appear on the skin. Common pimples and blemishes are often signs of a systemic condition known as Damp Heat. The herbs in this formula gently Cool Heat & Dry Dampness in order to reduce swelling and inflammation on the skin.

Dr. Shen's Complexion pills are a potent, yet gentle version of the famous Chinese patent medicine known as Margerite Acne Pills. Dr. Shen's are made in the USA in FDA inspected factories using herbs that are two grades higher than those found in patent medicines imported from China. Chinese medicine has long known that ground pearls (margarite) possess properties that powerfully clear heat from the skin. This herb is found in many traditional medicines and topical creams used to treat acne and other skin inflamations.

Unlike some heat clearing remedies, Dr. Shen's Complexion pills are formulated with herbs that are mild and easy to digest. Dr. Shen's Complexion Pills may be used alone or in combination with topical products

Finding the Cause of Acne

Acne and other inflammatory skin diseases are symptoms of internal heat and damp. Curing these conditions requires clearing excess heat and draining dampness. Modern day products such as Proactiv, Phisohex, and Clearasil, do not address this problem.

Heat sets matters in motion and triggers activity. Heat shows as inflammation, hyperactivity, or over- stimulation. Heat can come from irritating chemicals, foreign organisms, or by the constrained flow of qi (energy).

Hormonal activity causes and is stimulated by heat. An overly stimulating diet can cause excess heat so can a hyperactive mind or lifestyle.

Our skin can reflect heat as rashes, pimples, infections, redness, and other skin inflammations. Sometimes the "heat" is caused by normal body wastes which are transported in the blood. When the blood is deficient, swellings can appear on the skin and will be diagnosed as acne or other inflammatory skin disease.

Dampness indicates excessive water in the body's tissues. Micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses thrive in excessively damp body environments.

Excess damp manifests itself and can be seen as, swellings, cysts, pimples, pus, and fluid discharges.
Dampness is often caused by water accumulation due to the body's inability to cook off the water (spleen yang deficiency).

Living in damp environments can also penetrate the body causing internal dampness


Common Sources of Heat in the Body:

Common Sources of Damp in the Body:

1. Overconsumption of stimulating foods

1. Weak digestion causes water to accumulate

2. Hormonal activity

2. Excessive oily, fatty, cold or raw foods

3. Exertion or physical activity

3. Irregular eating habits

4. Blood insufficient to clean toxins*

4. Insufficient sweating

5. Agitated thoughts

5. Overly damp environment

6. Atmospheric heat (hot weather)

6. Insufficient heat fails to dry dampness

7. Constraint of qi


*In cases of blood deficient acne, Women's Precious Pills (a 'Blood Tonic'), can be used with Heat Clearing herbs to clear the acne. Another source of these heat clearing herbs can be found in Margarite Acne Pills. 

Other formulas used to clear heat from the skin include: Lien Chiao Bai Du Pien, Xiao Feng Wan, and Yin Chiao Cheh Tu Pien (most commonly used for colds and flu).

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