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Starwest Botanical's Organic "Spirulina Powder" Origin India (1 lb Bag) $29.99 

Spirulina is one of nature's near-perfect foods, as it is up to 70 percent protein by weight and is rich in B vitamins (including B-12), minerals, GLA, natural iodine and phycocyanin

Spirulina was found to have very positive effects for radiation sickness when given to children exposed to radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Many studies have found that Spirulina can serve as a "radiation shield," helping protect your thyroid gland, strengthen your immune system and blood, protect your kidneys, and bind to heavy radioactive isotopes so they can be more quickly eliminated from your body

Formation of new blood cells

Helps maintain healthy skin. Spirulina is often used to treat skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Treats skin allergies and hives.

Supports cardiovascular

  • Eye health
  • Brain Health 
  • Boosts Immunity 
  • Energy
The most complete food source in the world with over 100 nutrients, 60% protein content, the highest levels of carotenoids, and high in antioxidants known to promote health and longevity. Ideal for vegetarians.


Starwest Spirulina Organic Powder Suggested Use:

Refrigerate after opening.

Use for Humans:

Take one teaspoon (3 g) daily with or between meals.  Enjoy mixed in juice, fruit smoothies, or sprinkled on food.

Botanical Name: Spirulina platensis
Origin: India

Description: 1 lb. of Organic Spirulina Powder

Common Names: Blue-green algae

Use for Horses: 

Add to Non-GMO or Organic Horse Feed- Treats Sweet Itch, Hives, Allergies, boost immunity, and supplies all the essential minerals and vitamins. 

  • Botanical Name: Spirulina platensis
  • Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services 
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Origin: India
  • Nature's Multivitamin 
  • 100% Vegetarian

Ingredients: Organic spirulina platensis (spirulina) powder.

Blue Green Algae Herb - Spirulina needs to be in the horse‚Äôs system for about four weeks before you will begin to reap its benefits. So if your horse suffers from any seasonal afflictions such as Sweet Itch or Hives, start adding Spirulina to his food a month before you anticipate problems.


Adding a small amount of this Blue Green Algae Powder to your horses daily diet has the following health benefits:


  • Boost the Immune System
  • Reduces Allergic Reactions
  • Helps with Horses Suffering From Respiratory Issues
  • Improves Hoof Quality
  • Better Attitude
  • Maintains Healthy Skin and Beautiful Coat
  • Healthy, Shiny Eyes
  • Offsets Vitamin A Inadequacy From Feeding Just Hay
  • Aids In Detoxification

Supports total health for longevity.



Horse: Start horse on 1/2 tsp twice daily mixed in grain for maintenance. Then increase to 1 tsp twice daily for horses with allergies & immune deficiencies.


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